Yoga For Good Foundation Completes Third Funding Round Confirming 27 Grant Recipients

The Yoga For Good Foundation, a not for profit doing good in communities via yoga has awarded 27 grants in their latest round of funding. The Foundation have now awarded grants to a total of 38 organisations and yoga teachers carrying out projects that are doing good in their communities through yoga. Some of these projects have already started and others are planned for the coming months.

Seniors doing yoga

The Yoga For Good Foundation provides a platform for projects that benefit local communities through yoga principles, meditation and mindfulness. Coming into its third year, the Yoga For Good Foundation grant scheme has awarded a substantial amount to a range of initiatives across Australia. In this latest round, the reach of the program has doubled with yoga programs now being supported all over Australia.

Moira Gordon, Director for The Yoga For Good Foundation, said they were delighted to see an increase in the interest levels for the grant scheme and that the applications have been of a high standard. There were so many worthy causes that the Foundation has awarded an additional 8 organisations grants for projects to be launched in the second half of this year. They will most likely request applications for Grants again in 2024.

Due to the successful progress and completion of their projects in doing good for their recipients, the Yoga For Good Foundation are supporting the following endeavours:

  • Katie Brown Yoga, Cromer, NSW – the Relaxation Rainbow Children’s Book: Publishing and marketing completes this project for Children 4-12, parents, teachers and therapists. The brightly coloured pages offer breathing practices, restorative yoga poses and guided relaxations themed on the colours of the rainbow combined with story and imagination for Children to feel calm and content.
  • Heart & Soul Care, Engadine, NSW – Trauma Healing Retreats for Survivors of Domestic Abuse: Heart & Soul Care is a not-for-profit charity, empowering women to heal from past trauma through holistic yoga practices. These retreat costs are subsidised and facilitated by Volunteer qualified specialists in psychology, yoga and art therapy, music, nature, dance and are known to equip women with life changing tools of empowerment.
  • Kitty’s Yoga Spot, Dulwich Hill, NSW – Yoga Therapy for Long Term Stress Effects: A yoga therapy program for locals in the community who are suffering with the effects of difficult breathing, extreme fatigue, pain, anxiety, stress and depression. Accessible to those who can’t afford alternative mental health support. Kitty’s Clients report lower scores for stress and anxiety levels. This program will now reach out to communities who have yet to experience yoga to improve mental health.
  • Move Yoga Therapy, Hobart, TAS – Shout it Out: Yoga Therapy for Emotional Resilience: A follow up children’s book to ‘Butterflies be Gone’ to give ordinary kids and families a toolkit to manage everyday emotions and major life events. Funding the production process for publication, with the same team as previously sponsored by YFG. The aim is to make yoga therapy and emotional resilience accessible and achievable for all children and families.
Women doing meditation

Below are the organisations who have now commenced their Grant funded projects:

  • Embody Wellbeing, Uralla QLD – Mindful Movement for Seniors 65+: A rural project to fund the continuation of 3 classes a week for 18 weeks supporting the elderly in mental health and well-being, to move safely, improve balance and mobility, reduce age related conditions and build confidence.
  • Byron Yoga Centre, NSW – 100 Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training: To research and extend the hours of the existing 25 hr program to suit the demand for Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training to address the impact of Trauma on the mental health of the Australian population.
  • Premkranti Counselling, Bega NSW – Emotional Resilience for the Frontlines: Delivering trauma informed movement, relaxation and meditation practices to local support services staff dealing with daily stressful situations. A total of 24 classes which include poly vagal theory to regulate the nervous system over 3 months.
  • South Hobart Yoga and Meditation, TAS – Yoga for War Veterans: Helen is well known for her work with Yoga for PTSD, anxiety, depression and other physical and mental health issues and is the published author of ‘Hope: How Yoga heals the Scars of Trauma’. These weekly classes use the Satyananda Yoga format and are well researched and attended and we support their continuation in 2023.
  • Dru Australia, Canberra ACT – Essence of Yogic Wellbeing: This new online 60 hour course enables people starting out in Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda. The aim of the practices is to achieve balance and harmony to counteract the effects of rapid change, Dru is inherently trauma sensitive. This introductory offer is for people to grow with further courses, programs and global community networks. The program puts them in touch with local Dru teachers to encourage group practice and support for their interest in Yoga.
  • Rishi online, Mullumbimby NSW – Yoga for Trauma: A community program to restore the needs of this large community after the devastation of the 2022 flooding event on the Northern Rivers (loss of homes and livelihood). To provide support and reassurance through the resumption of the practices of yoga, relaxation, meditation, chanting and Kirtan to bring relief to many people in the area.
  • Yoga on the inside, Salisbury QLD – Accessible programs for participants in prisons, rehab clinics and Domestic Violence programs: A new 10 week pilot program for organisations who do not have the resources or viability and evidence to pursue funding. This is an extension to existing programs to serve people who have experienced and live with symptoms of trauma & PTSD.
  • Rock solid Fitness, Taree NSW – Bringing Yoga to the local Fitness community with the addition of new yoga classes, equipment and special events to establishing a sustainable program over 6 months. Stepping outside the box of mainstream gyms to provide fitness to all people, especially those with adrenal fatigue. Introducing; Beginners Yoga, Over 50s Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin & Pin.
  • Nudge Yoga, The Teen Yoga Project, Sydney NSW – Brain Breaks Project is part of the Teen Yoga Project which gives Teachers a series of 5 min physical and breath work digital exercises to refocus, energise and connect the classroom. Based on self-regulating emotions, designed for High-school students and Teachers. We are supporting with the production costs for the program which is being prepared to roll out to schools. Emily Beale has massive commitment and expertise in delivering this easy-to-use video tool.
  • Ahimsa Hot Yoga, Richlands QLD – Blissful Restorative Yoga: To introduce Yin Yoga and sound Healing Classes and acquire the necessary equipment for this new Yoga. This expands the current offering and includes holding an event with Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga. It is a great benefit to reduce financial boundaries in an area of low-socio economic income, disabilities, migrants and First Nations people. There is a waiting list for the existing small offering and this program is expected to have a large impact in the local community
  • ioga Care and Connections, Shepparton VIC – Trauma Informed Yoga for Refugee Women: To give Afghani Refugee women the opportunity to experience Yoga, to have a positive community experience, opportunity to heal from trauma associated with their refuge experience and journey and to feel more connected and less isolated. Delivered through an interpreter over a 4 month period, one per month in line with Afghani social group activity.
  • 108 Yoga Road, Melbourne VIC – Yoga Screen TV: A community TV programme project to demystify yoga through providing accessible options to Asana to those new to the practice or seeking further knowledge. Representing a full range of participants in the yoga world. Providing professional editing and program sponsorship of the 50 min episodes to be aired on Community channel #31
  • Vida Flow Mindfulness, Dernancourt SA – Inclusive Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga for people living with Brain Injury: To help people embrace life after Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) to manage recovery, improve health and enable positive behaviours in social contact and relationships. Desiree Colmenares Briceno has lived the experience of TBI after a car accident. She now runs 60 mins sessions for 8 people, once a week for 8 weeks, over 42 weeks a year, accommodating all levels of experience and physical needs. She partnered with Brain Injury South Australia (BISA) on a pilot program.
  • Orwill Street community, Frankston VIC – Women’s Wellbeing Program: Support in providing skill development for homeless, or at risk of homelessness based on Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice for local women at the Neighbourhood community house. Offering a weekly 2 hr program with understanding of complex issues to create an environment where the women can gain insight and skills they can utilise to self-regulate.
  • VJ Academy, Tarneit VIC – Soul Space, the Journey Within: A community space to build relationships and social networks to enable community service and support. Aiming to decrease social isolation and provide physical, mental and emotional resilience against mental illness. Offering 3 weekly classes and workshops once a month, previously receiving funding from Wyndham City Council.

A further 8 organisations and teachers are preparing to start their project in the months ahead:

  • Breath Circle, Yarra, Atherton Gardens Estate VIC – Mindful Breath & Movement Program for Youth Mental Health Support: Providing a trauma informed education program to young people and their caregivers, in response to the current issue of compromised youth mental health in the African Community.
  • Outback Mind Foundation, Central Qld – An Outback Meditation Centre: Specialising in Men’s Circles to combat high rates of Male suicide. Supporting provision of a space for people to learn yoga and meditation to support physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Cancer Council of WA, Subiaco WA – Yoga and Meditation for Cancer Patients and Carers: We support the benefits of the ‘New Life Program’ at new locations. The purchase of equipment to improve safety and accessibility to Yoga and to review and standardise the Meditation program offering.
  • Great Ocean Road Healing, Warrnambool VIC – Yoga for Grief: Provision of yoga classes that directly relate to supporting the experience of grieving. This series of classes will offer people who are grieving a way to feel more grounded in the present with their body and life. Peta Jolley has researched and studied the grieving process and will facilitate group classes for a compassionate connection to resolve and transform with the many tools of yoga and meditation.
  • Yogana Love It, Mansfield QLD – Free outdoor Community Classes: Stephanie has infectious enthusiasm and love of Yoga. These classes are free or affordable for the locals on a Saturday morning to connect to combat loneliness, access the proven benefits of Yoga, feel welcomed and comfortable. There is a proven demand and our assistance will help to keep this program running with attendance of 20+
  • Yoga Stars School Program, Mona Vale NSW – Yoga Stars Starter Program for Schools: A pilot program to provide yoga and well-being to primary schools that fulfil the requirement of the PDHPE curriculum. Reaching out with a competition where two schools will win a yoga program of one day, 7 lessons over a 10 week term. This program will eventually roll out across NSW to address good mental health for Children at Primary School with positive impact on hearts and minds, improved social skills and reduction in anxiety and incidence ADHD.
  • Atherton Breath of Life Yoga and Wellness, N. QLD – Resilient Mind & Body: Yoga and Sound Healing for Renewal and Recovery after COVID. A Project to offer sessions specifically designed to heal the community after the pandemic. Combining yoga and sound healing in two weekly sessions for 8 weeks, to cover all ages and abilities and address long held trauma. Bridging the gap between primary healthcare with a grass roots approach to a healthy, compassionate and vibrant community.
  • Sacred Life Ceremony, Sandy Beach NSW 2456 – Yarrawarra Women’s Yoga Retreat for the Survivors of Trauma: 5 day transformational retreat for 10 women survivors of Trauma, supporting their experience, to see them fulfilled, embodied, empowered, whole, loving themselves and connected, while present and self-aware. Using creative recovery techniques based on Yoga with a strong connection to Land and Country in nature. Beneficial in a socio-economically disadvantaged area impacted by Bushfire, Flood, Pandemic and high cost of living pressures.

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22nd March 2024 12:30pm (AEDT)

Hatha Community Class with Ahimsa Helen Cushing

Ahimsadhara is an expert teacher and author in yoga for trauma survivors. After teaching War Veterans for many years, she is now focusing on international programs and further writing. In this class, she uses asanas to help with healthy breathing and as a preparation for pranayama and yoga nidra.

22nd April 2024 12:30PM (AEST)

Dru Yoga Community Class with Angela Baker

Angela is an experienced Yogi and Dru Teacher Trainer, environmental campaigner, peace educator, and avid traveller, always seeking the best methods to promote health through Dru Yoga’s practices. Join Angela on the mat for a simple journey through energy block release, alignment with sequence, asana and mudra to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and welcoming change.


Our sole mission is to create opportunities to do good for others through yoga.
And we’re making an impact.

A huge thank you to the Yoga For Good Foundation...

…for their incredible contribution to our Life Now Yoga and meditation programs!

This generous donation will mean we can buy new yoga equipment, run a new yoga class in Broome, and enhance our meditation program for cancer patients and their primary carers.

Cancer Council Western Australia

Sending out gratitude to the Yoga for Good Foundation.

Their grant is enabling me to offer FREE trauma informed therapeutic movement and relaxation to frontline mental health and social services staff in Bega.

Participants are really valuing the time out for themselves and experiencing integrated poly vagal theory. And I get to be in a teaching space, yay!

PremKranti Counselling

The generous grant we've been awarded from the Yoga For Good Foundation...

…allows us to reach more underserved and vulnerable community groups who can benefit from a trauma-informed yoga and embodied mindfulness practice at zero cost to the participants.

Some of the community groups we’ll be serving in the current months include 000 Foundation, Men’s Walk and Talk and WAGEC.

Yoga on the Inside