Thinking about applying for a Grant?

“Goals are dreams with deadlines”

This quote is attributed to Diana Hunt writer of a self-help book called ‘Tao of time’, exploring an eastern approach to time management. In our experience the deadline is a call to action, otherwise everyone takes as long as they have and without urgency some may not even feel compelled to act.

When our energies align, we focus to make something happen.

We are encouraging you as a yoga teacher or yoga based organisation to consider applying for a Yoga for Good Foundation Grant. We have opened the grant application process for the very first time. We are open from November 1 to November 30, 2021. To help you prepare, we suggest you get clear about your idea and very familiar with our Application Guidelines. Following are some additional points of consideration that may help you create a winning application.

The type of project you want to do

If you are struggling for ideas, then please consider some of our blogs on harnessing creativity to tap into your unique idea. Have a read of; The spark of creativity: How to get an idea for a grant? & In Praise of Putting Pen to Paper.

Once you have your idea, stress test it.

Review your project idea with others, discuss its positive or negative aspects as someone you trust for their feedback on your thinking.

Really get to know your audience:

  • Get to know as much as possible about the community or your target audience group e.g. run a survey for feedback from the group, talk to your current yoga class participants and examine your idea through their lens so you’re clear on the issue you are addressing.
  • Use secondary sources of information e.g. local council statistics and data about your group or community

Use qualitative (feelings & opinion) and quantitative (data collecting) to enquire and strengthen the reason behind your project. Then if you can supplement that with a video submission, people sell ideas and we will see your passion for your project so we encourage you, however amateurish it may feel, to tell us personally about your project. Add photos. Add media. Anything you feel is visually relevant to your topic or idea.

What kind of grant do you need?

Our grants program is open to a broad spectrum of ideas, large or small, and a broad range of activities. As long as you fulfil our criteria outlined in the application form and closely read the guidelines then you have a shot at success.

We require that you have already made a good start on your initiative and know where you are going with it.

Yoga teacher explaining in front of her students

Why you want a grant?

For realising the practicalities, a mentor can help, someone who has walked a similar path before you, willing to give you advice. Have a chat about how they got started, did they sustain their efforts with funding or personally meet their project costs? How did they get clear? What guidance if any did they achieve?

Be clear about value, it is essential to plan the collection of data before, during and after the program. A report to share, gives credibility to any findings and benefits. This makes it easier to partner with us, reach more people and add to current knowledge and will give focus to your project, increasing the possibly to expand in the future.

A good way to cover what is required is to apply the SMART acronym:

Specific goals have a much greater chance of being accomplished. Answer these questions: Who is involved? What do I want to accomplish? Where will I do this? When will I do this? Which requirements and constraints are required? Why am I doing this, the reason, purpose or benefit?

Measure progress, what is your criteria for each goal? This way you’ll stay on track, reach your targets, experience a sense of achievement and keep putting in the effort to reach your goals. Ask questions such as……How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?

Attainable, identify the most important goals, developing the attitudes, abilities, skills, and means to reach them. You see opportunities within a time frame and the steps to the achieve your goals (or ambition) through personal growth.

Realistic, do you truly believe that it can be accomplished? You know if your goal is realistic if you have accomplished anything similar in the past or you can ask yourself what conditions have to exist for me to accomplish this goal.

Timeline will keep you grounded with the urgency to set the unconscious mind into motion. It is tangible when you can experience it with one of the senses; taste, touch, smell, sight or hearing, this way you have a better chance of success with the other parts of the SMART principle.

Remember passion and good research sell ideas, sit with your idea, stress test it and don’t worry about with your idea is typically yoga. We have purposely left the parameter of what would qualify for a grant rather broad so that we are not influencing your idea. What ever lights you up and resonates within you and your community is right for you.

You have until the end of November to complete the application, however you will need to fill out your application form in one sitting, so once again we urge you to really read the guidelines, they have been written to step you through and guide you through the section before you arrive at the online form. Allow a good hour to populate your form and we would like to suggest you write your ideas and notes for each section in word so you can transfer your notes across and have a saved copy should anything go wrong with your connection along the way.

Best of luck, we look forward to reading you application if not for this first round of grant applications then for the next round.

Community yoga classes

We are passionate about sharing the joy of practising yoga and offering you an opportunity to connect with your true self on a regular basis.
View previous classes or book now for our next class.

22nd March 2024 12:30pm (AEDT)

Hatha Community Class with Ahimsa Helen Cushing

Ahimsadhara is an expert teacher and author in yoga for trauma survivors. After teaching War Veterans for many years, she is now focusing on international programs and further writing. In this class, she uses asanas to help with healthy breathing and as a preparation for pranayama and yoga nidra.

22nd April 2024 12:30PM (AEST)

Dru Yoga Community Class with Angela Baker

Angela is an experienced Yogi and Dru Teacher Trainer, environmental campaigner, peace educator, and avid traveller, always seeking the best methods to promote health through Dru Yoga’s practices. Join Angela on the mat for a simple journey through energy block release, alignment with sequence, asana and mudra to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and welcoming change.


Our sole mission is to create opportunities to do good for others through yoga.
And we’re making an impact.

A huge thank you to the Yoga For Good Foundation...

…for their incredible contribution to our Life Now Yoga and meditation programs!

This generous donation will mean we can buy new yoga equipment, run a new yoga class in Broome, and enhance our meditation program for cancer patients and their primary carers.

Cancer Council Western Australia

Sending out gratitude to the Yoga for Good Foundation.

Their grant is enabling me to offer FREE trauma informed therapeutic movement and relaxation to frontline mental health and social services staff in Bega.

Participants are really valuing the time out for themselves and experiencing integrated poly vagal theory. And I get to be in a teaching space, yay!

PremKranti Counselling

The generous grant we've been awarded from the Yoga For Good Foundation...

…allows us to reach more underserved and vulnerable community groups who can benefit from a trauma-informed yoga and embodied mindfulness practice at zero cost to the participants.

Some of the community groups we’ll be serving in the current months include 000 Foundation, Men’s Walk and Talk and WAGEC.

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