Sound Healing: How does it help our body systems?

After experiencing a sound healing session led by Carli Sherriff (have a look at her website here) at our Good Yoga Day we were inspired to share more about this wonderful healing experience with our Yoga For Good community. Much of what we’ve written below is based on the information that Carli shared with us.

One of the things that makes sound healing so unique is that it has an immediate effect on our physical and energetic body systems. We explained in part one of this blog that the more negative emotions that we keep inside us and allow to build up over weeks, months or years, the lower our inner vibrations become, causing our body and mind to feel stagnant. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the relationship between those emotions and our bodily systems.

How does it impact our body?

Our body is made up of lots of different physiological systems. While maintaining these systems is crucial for our physical health, they’re also the key to our mental and emotional health and similarly, our emotions can have a physical impact on these systems. Sound healing can help us to address our unresolved emotions and help us to clear out the physiological systems of our body.

Below is an explanation of these systems and the emotions linked to them:

The circulatory system
Feelings of unresolved anger, self-loathing, abandonment, insecurity, criticism, disappointment and heartbreak can all lead to an unhealthy circulatory system. By clearing these emotions, we open ourselves up to giving and receiving love unconditionally.

The digestive system
Unresolved disgust, self-sabotage, indecisiveness, guilt, despair, distrust, blame, jealousy and hopelessness can negatively affect our digestive system. By clearing these emotions, we learn to let go of our past and forgive others as well as ourselves.

The endocrine system
When we hold on to feelings of confusion, paranoia, instability and suppression, we compromise our endocrine system. By ridding ourselves of these emotions, we experience more balance and flow.

The immune system
Inner conflict, false pride, shame, manipulation, stress and a false sense of assuredness are all linked to a weakened immune system. By addressing these emotions, we can begin to live, speak and honour our truth.

The lymphatic system
When we’re feeling low self-esteem, unloved, scared, rejection or excessive concern our lymphatic system can begin to break down. By clearing these emotions, we can establish stronger feelings of courage, confidence, empowerment and we can embody leadership.

The muscular system
The main feelings that can have an undesired impact on our muscular system are worry, resentment, frustration, stubbornness and feeling a lack of support. By releasing these emotions, we can build inner strength, relaxation and we can learn to express our feeling healthily.

The nervous system
Stress, fear, blame, depression, and anxiety all control our nervous system. By clearing these emotions, we become more capable of ‘living in the now’ and are less likely to be consumed by our past or our future.

The reproductive system
When we feel victimised, depleted, suppressed, humiliated, ashamed, disgraced and disgusted or we feel non thinking and non-emotive, we prevent our reproductive system from operating properly. By working on ridding ourselves of these emotions, we rid ourselves of limiting beliefs and begin to value ourselves and our individuality more.

The respiratory system
Our respiratory system begins to break down when we hold on to feelings of defensiveness, sadness, grief and yearning. Releasing these emotions will allow us to experience more compassion, hope, love, and happiness.

The skeletal system
By holding on to feelings of betrayal, inflexibility, limitation, bitterness and blame we’re compromising our skeletal system. By resolving these emotions, we become more flexible, self-sufficient, gentle, and empowered.

The Urinary System
Fear, paralysed will, feelings of inefficiency, dread, hesitancy and impending doom all impact our urinary system. By letting go of these emotions, we improve our ability to make decisions, set clear intentions and move forward in life freely.

If you would like to find out more about Carli and her sound healing sessions, check out her website The OM Project here. And remember to sign up for our newsletter if you’re interested in mindfulness, yoga and meditation content and would like to get it delivered straight to your inbox.

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