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Yoga For Good Foundation invites you to... Good Yoga Day

Join us at the beautiful Heart & Soul Retreats in Otford. Surrounded by lush gardens and tall trees this is a day of Good Yoga not to be missed.

We will be joined by our teaching community from near and far. Hear from...

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati


Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati is a western medical doctor, Yoga Acharya (authority), Yoga Therapist, psychotherapist, author, teacher, and Jyotish astrologer.

Simon Borg-Olivier


Simon has been practicing traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing, and mental control for 50 years. He has been teaching for 38 years and has been a registered physiotherapist for 23 years. Joining us from the Northern Rivers, his masterclass is not to be missed.


Moira Nirvana Gordon

Moira Nirvana is an artist, traveller, yogi and entrepreneur who wants to live in a world where art and yoga are medicine and being creative gives strength and courage to live your best life.

A long-time student of spiritual science, business practice, nature lover and advocate for sustainability and conscious leadership, Moira brings a compassionate and contemplative approach to her work.

Moira Nirvana will be leading a Dru Yoga practice to connect us to our inner still point and give a calm, centred presence. 

Nikki Briscoe


Nikki is a South Coast based yoga and pilates teacher who began deepening her practice 8 years ago when she was looking for coping-with-stress mechanisms while in a busy corporate marketing job. She began on a teaching journey to help time-poor, stressed people find space in their body and mind. She’s a mother of two beautiful humans and is deeply passionate about women’s pre and post-partum health. She credits yoga for teaching her to surrender. To let go of control and move in the flow of life.

Nikki is also the mastermind behind Moonshot Marketing and looks after all things marketing and comms related for the Yoga For Good Foundation.


Carli Sherriff

Carli grew up in Australia’s South West. She moved to Sydney 17 years ago where she began her career in Intensive Care Nursing. After many years of witnessing an increasing amount of chronic physical and mental illness in the community, despite the advancing medical practices, she felt called to explore alternative healing methods.

Today, her passion is to share these experiences and findings with others to assist them on their own unique journey. 

Carli is an alternative healer focusing on Mind, Body & Soul health. She combines her psychic abilities with sound, natural medicines, neuro emotional & energy clearing to support the wellbeing of her clients. 

Yoga For Good loves sharing all yoga styles as such you will be treated to a few perhaps new yoga experiences throughout the day.


Optional Ayurvedic breakfast
Arrivals and check in. Roll out your mat.
Welcome to Country and Grants Update by Yoga For Good Director Moira Gordon.
Dynamic Masterclass with Simon Borg-Olivier.
DRU yoga with Moira Gordon.
Lunch and free time.
Talk and Practice with Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati.
Playful yoga with Nikki Briscoe in the garden.
Tea and refreshments
Sound experience
Your ticket cost includes three meals and snacks. Optional breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm and optional dinner at 6pm as well as snacks and tea throughout the day.  Heart and Soul retreats is 100% vegan and caffeine free. For any dietary requirements please email Nikki: info@moonshotmarketing.com.au