Celebrating three years of flourishing with purpose

February has arrived, and our yogic odyssey is now three years strong. We’re flourishing with purpose, and it’s time to celebrate. Yoga For Good Foundation provides more than grants and programs – we’re a thriving collective united by shared well-being and a dedication to positive change.

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Honouring the divine feminine within

At Yoga for Good, as we immerse ourselves in the sacred rhythms of Navaratri, we invite you to start honouring the divine feminine within. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of female energy or a matron, uncover new wisdom and cultivate meaningful feminine rituals with us.


Yoga for Afghani Women: A YFG Grant Recipient

Teresa received a grant from The Yoga For Good Foundation in our most recent round of funding for her inspirational ‘Yoga for Afghani Women’ initiative.


How to Balance Kapha Dosha in Springtime

Springtime is known as the continuation of kapha season in Ayurveda. The Kapha season starts around mid-winter and ends at the end of spring.


Community yoga classes

We are passionate about sharing the joy of practising yoga and offering you an opportunity to connect with your true self on a regular basis.
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22nd March 2024 12:30pm (AEDT)

Hatha Community Class with Ahimsa Helen Cushing

Ahimsadhara is an expert teacher and author in yoga for trauma survivors. After teaching War Veterans for many years, she is now focusing on international programs and further writing. In this class, she uses asanas to help with healthy breathing and as a preparation for pranayama and yoga nidra.

22nd April 2024 12:30PM (AEST)

Dru Yoga Community Class with Angela Baker

Angela is an experienced Yogi and Dru Teacher Trainer, environmental campaigner, peace educator, and avid traveller, always seeking the best methods to promote health through Dru Yoga’s practices. Join Angela on the mat for a simple journey through energy block release, alignment with sequence, asana and mudra to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and welcoming change.


Our sole mission is to create opportunities to do good for others through yoga.
And we’re making an impact.

A huge thank you to the Yoga For Good Foundation...

…for their incredible contribution to our Life Now Yoga and meditation programs!

This generous donation will mean we can buy new yoga equipment, run a new yoga class in Broome, and enhance our meditation program for cancer patients and their primary carers.

Cancer Council Western Australia

Sending out gratitude to the Yoga for Good Foundation.

Their grant is enabling me to offer FREE trauma informed therapeutic movement and relaxation to frontline mental health and social services staff in Bega.

Participants are really valuing the time out for themselves and experiencing integrated poly vagal theory. And I get to be in a teaching space, yay!

PremKranti Counselling

The generous grant we've been awarded from the Yoga For Good Foundation...

…allows us to reach more underserved and vulnerable community groups who can benefit from a trauma-informed yoga and embodied mindfulness practice at zero cost to the participants.

Some of the community groups we’ll be serving in the current months include 000 Foundation, Men’s Walk and Talk and WAGEC.

Yoga on the Inside