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About Yoga For Good

Our Vision Create opportunities for people to live their best life through yoga.

our mission To be a platform for innovative programs and projects benefiting communities through yoga principles and practices for a purposeful, peaceful life.

About Yoga For Good

Our History

Yoga for Good Foundation was established with the desire to do good for others through yoga. Whilst our name and brand is new, our history is not.

Our history starts back in 1976 with the birth of a beautiful ashram on the Central Coast- The Satyananda Yoga Ashram. This Ashram was a place for traditional yoga teachings. However, there was a period in the ‘70s and ‘80s where the leaders in charge of the ashram abused their power and innocent people were affected. This is what has inspired us to rebuild a brand with good intentions, hope for a better world with resilience at the core.

The ashram has been a long time closed. And in 2009 Paramahansa Satyananda passed on. What followed was many years of silence. This silence was broken when those affected bravely stepped forward.

Over the last 6 years the current Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to ensure that we right the wrongs of the past as best as we have the power to.

Satyananda Yoga Ashram inaugurated and Poorna Sannyasa (Swamis) is initiated.
Rishis from India come to restructure Satyananda Yoga Academy.
Royal Commission (RC) Public Hearings (Case Study 21). Ashram gives acknowledgement of abuse, an apology and compensation. India withdraws support.
Committee Members are appointed to restructure and implement RC findings. Affiliation with a Guru Lineage ceases. We become Academy of Yoga Science (AYS).
Last Yoga Diploma Course Students graduate. The Ashram is Sold.
AYS joins the National Redress Scheme, a Reparation Program.
Yoga for Good Foundation is created, a Philanthropic Foundation for Yoga advocacy.

We feel it is an important step in healing to accept and forgive what has happened and build a better future where we are able to give back by inspiring others to live a better life through yoga. We have put a great deal of thought into creating a foundation that will stand the test of time, supporting individuals and organisations through grant programs and yoga-based activities all designed to do good for others. Read more about our grants here .

As The Yoga for Good Foundation, we have rebirthed from a place of strength and resilience to share the wonderful tools and techniques that yoga can offer to enhance life.

Please join us in spreading the goodness of yoga throughout your community.

Board of Directors

Anthony Grieve - Yoga For Good

Anthony Grieve

Anthony has been a Committee Member and President since 2015.

He has attended weekly yoga classes since 1986. He attended several weekends at Mangrove Mountain in 90’s and before its closure.

He holds Degrees in Civil Engineering, Project Management and Law. He is a member of the Resolution Institute, the Institution of Engineers Australia and the Master Builders Association. He maintains a practice of acting as an engineer/lawyer in building industry matters as an expert and dispute resolver.

He has previously acted as a director of a non-profit organisation, the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, for several years.

Wyn Janssen

Wyn has been a Committee Member and Secretary since 2015. He has practiced Yoga since 2012 in his hometown of Bulli NSW. Prior to his retirement in 2012 he worked in commercial financial roles for over 40 years, the last 20 as Regional Finance Director for South East Asia and the Middle East for a multinational corporation.

He is currently the Chairman of Warrigal and has been on their Board since 1997. Warrigal is a Not-For-Profit Company, providing support and care services to over 3,400 elderly members of the community through aged care services.

He brings a wealth of business and board knowledge while also having a deep appreciation of yoga.

Wyn Janssen - Yoga For Good

Moira Gordon

Moira was appointed a Committee Member in 2018.  She has practiced Yoga since her teenage years in Britain and after arriving in Australia 1991 became a Teacher of Yoga in 1994. While also working in the corporate world, she has maintained her Yoga practice and taught Yoga for many years in the workplace and community.  She is passionate about her Vedic Mantra meditation practice and Yoga and Ayurveda.

Moira is a creative and critical thinker who balances Business, Yoga and Art to serve the common good.

Values As an organisation these are our guideposts, our true north – these have been used to develop our content and programs.


A deep connection to one’s true self, nature and the universal elements – harmony of mind, body and nature.


Creating the time and space to physically and mentally reset through a yoga practice and mindfulness tools. Giving you a sense of liberation and a way to calm the mind and body.

Discovery + Self enquiry

Transcendence and enlightenment through knowledge. An exploration of the rich philosophy and ancient teachings that underpin the physical practice – yoga as it was intended a way of life.

Community + Connection

Our vision is to reach as many people as possible and share the wonders of yoga, we hope to bring people together and help people foster a greater connection with themselves.

Giving Back Championing yogic inspired causes and encouraging all to live their best life through yoga. We have a number of programs in place to give back and do good through yoga.

Giving back is more than just a value – this is our reason for being.


Grants – Each year we will be awarding  grants to commission community-minded yoga related projects. These are available to yoga teachers and organisations who want to do good via their craft. Sign up to our monthly emails to stay in the loop.


Tools for teachers – We are deeply passionate about sharing knowledge, so not only will we offer community classes we also plan to create a mentorship program for teachers and new graduates, helping them to find their path as teachers and fostering entrepreneurship.