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Yoga For Good Foundation

Inspiring good through yoga

Yoga for Good Foundation has one sole mission: create opportunities to do good for others through yoga.

Yoga For Good

Grants Each year we will award funds to inspire yoga teachers with worthy goals to do good in their community via yoga.

Grants are designed to aid organisations and individuals to achieve their goals to do good in the community. 

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Our platform offers yoga teachers, yoga-enthusiasts and beginner yogi’s content, inspiration and events to give you tools to live your best life through yoga.

We are firm believers that yoga - both the physical practice and everyday application of yoga off the mat - has the capacity to change lives for the better.

Good Yoga Day Retreat

Grant Recipients

See how some of our successful grant recipients have inspired positive change in their communities.

Dr Adele Vincent

Tasmanian yoga therapist and neuroscience PhD, Dr Adele Vincent, has written a children’s yoga book designed to help children overcome fear and anxiety. Adele received a $10,000 grant from the Yoga For Good Foundation to help publish her book.

Adele has witnessed a lot of stress and anxiety in people and retrained as a yoga therapist to help give people tools to process stress, anxiety and fear. She believes that with the right tools and teachings people have the potential to change themselves.

Adele said: ‘I want to help parents with anxious children feel confident that they can help their kids work through their feelings. Butterflies Be Gone gives children aged 4-8 years the tools and techniques to feel calm and centred.’

‘The Yoga For Good Grant has helped with the costs of printing and publishing our book. I now have 2000 copies to distribute through my website and bookshops. Since this is my first book, this grant has given me the freedom to focus on marketing and distributing my book and any profits will go straight back into publishing the next one! I truly am grateful for what Yoga For Good has done for me.’

Adele Book (1)

mission To be a platform for innovative programs and projects benefiting communities through yoga principles and practices for a purposeful, peaceful life.

Values As an organisation these are our guideposts, our true north – these have been used to develop our content and programs.


A deep connection to one’s true self, nature and the universal elements – harmony of mind, body and nature.


Creating the time and space to physically and mentally reset through a yoga practice and mindfulness tools. Giving you a sense of liberation and a way to calm the mind and body.

Discovery + Self enquiry

Transcendence and enlightenment through knowledge. An exploration of the rich philosophy and ancient teachings that underpin the physical practice – yoga as it was intended a way of life.

Community + Connection

Our vision is to reach as many people as possible and share the wonders of yoga, we hope to bring people together and help people foster a greater connection with themselves.

Join us for monthly community classes

We are passionate about sharing the joy of practicing yoga and offering you an opportunity to connect with your true self on a regular basis.

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Are you a teacher?

Would you like to share your practice with our community?

We aim to deliver a monthly class of at least 45 minutes for our community, please get in touch to arrange a class time that suits you. You can share any aspect of yoga you are passionate about; a yoga class, meditation, sound healing etc. Simply send us your idea and we will make arrangements from there.